Foods with Benefits

I'm the first to admit: I'm a junkfood junkie. I'm not the type to reserve in-n-out for road trips only. I've always liked McDonalds, Taco Bell, you name it. Buttt, I really can't eat like that anymore. Not very often at least. My older sister has slowly converted me to a healthier me. I used to think that meant I can't eat great food. But that really isn't true. And I was always the person who that being healthy meant being picky (and annoying haha).

A few things I've learned:
+Ginger and lemon helps improve your digestion and makes your skin nice and glowy.
+ Brown rice and beans. Put ‘em together, and whaddaya got? The best source of protein!
+Use this website for recipes. She's the best.

Ooh and I need to share my FAVE smoothie. Tastes just like a chocolate shake. I get it from Nekter (a local juice bar) but you can totally make it at home. It has vanilla bean cashew nut milk, cacao, carob, dates, avocado, a little agave nectar and bleneded with ice. Yup avocado in a milkshake, who knew.


Summer Dreams

Okay so this post may be a bit biased as a native San Diegan, but these past few days of sunshine have given me a glimpse into summer. These are 3 of my favorite images that slowly ease me into that dreamy season. This dress is pure summer perfection. Loving the low back on this tank. Easy and wearable in all seasons. And these sunglasses. Love the slight cat eye and thick lens. They will transition perfectly to long days at the beach in your favorite bathing suit.