The Story of my Stamps

So I've been designing address stamps for a couple of years now. The story of how they came to be is a fun one. My original idea was to sell only wedding invitations in my shop. I thought it'd be cool to throw in an address stamp that matches the invitations. I literally had only one in my shop. Then boom, that item started selling like hot-cakes. I was pretty surprised, and so I decided to run with it. I soon found there was a niche market for these stamps!! So I decided to make more, and more ... and more. The one on the top left is the first one I made... then the rest followed! Take a peek!

To order your own stamp email Alexa // info@flourishdesignco.com or visit my shop here.


In with the New...

A photographer friend of mine came with me with her desire to re-brand her site... always a fun thing for a designer to hear! She had her ideas and from there I helped bring her vision to life. I thought I'd share a little of my process from start to finish. Each project I take is the product of a lot of my heart. I'm so excited to share with you all!

1. Pins - Paloma sent me her inspiration board and I got to planning.

2. Samples - I took her ideas and sent over 3 different logo designs I felt depicted her vision

3. Edits - From there Paloma decided she loved #3, but also wanted to include some of the texture of #1, so we combined the two and played with the layout:

4. Website - Once the logo was created and a vision was set I began designing her website.

5. Voila - A brand is born! Paloma has gotten tons of amazing feedback about her site and it is the best feeling in the world to know I was part of that! Check out her site here. Lots of fun on all the pages. 

Here's a fun BEFORE and AFTER view of Paloma's MAKEOVER!!